Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowmobile Woes!

It seems that every winter. when the snow is down and the weather warms up, we get complaints about snow machines and their use in Beiseker.

Snowmobilers, please remember that our traffic bylaw here in town stipulates that your speed must be kept to 20 km/h and your route must be the shortest way out of the village.  No off-road vehicles can operate within village limits between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.   And, you must stick to laneways as much as possible and you must stop and check carefully when proceeding across streets. 

Our bylaw regarding off-road type vehicles is much more generous than other municipalities.  Some communities prohibit the use of such vehicles to operate within municipal boundaries at all.  In those centres, snowmobiles, quads and dirt bikes must be trailered into and out of town. I for one would not like to see those sort of rules here in Beiseker!

If you know of someone who snowmobiles, please remind them of our traffic bylaw.


  1. This is the fourth post you've made on your blog about people breaking the traffic bylaw regarding off-road vehicles (snowmobiles and ATVs) in Beiseker.

    In each post, you've reiterated the current bylaw, and in each one have said that a) this is quite lenient compared with most other communities and b) you'd hate to see a stricter bylaw in the Village.

    Unfortunately, because you have to keep going over (and over) the current bylaw - because this is a recurring issue - seems to make a case that a stricter bylaw is required. It looks like people don't get it, and will continue to disregard the current bylaw so long as they figure it's worth it.

    1. You're correct Rhys. It is an ongoing problem. I snowmobiled in Beiseker for many years. I don't think we had much trouble complying with the by-law. We were able to exit town easily by going down the lanes to the CPR right-of-way. That got us out of the village quickly. Those laneways and the right-of-way still exist!
      From my view, compliance is still easy!
      There are many folks about who enjoy using their off road recreational vehicles and they comply with existing bylaws. Tightening up those bylaws would punish them for others' misdeeds. Tighter bylaws would also mean more enforcement. That costs money!
      I am hoping that a gentle reminder is all we need each year solve the problem if only temporarily.

  2. perhaps a ride up and down the roads of Beiseker by the police perhaps in the evenings after 11 pm would help slow them down, try living on 4th Ave.

  3. It would seem to me that enforcement is a bigger issue than having a stricter bylaw. A stricter bylaw makes the bark louder, but there is still no bite. The complaints people are making fall within the current bylaw. Creating restrictions during the day, for instance, would not have any effect on those people already breaking the rules at night. My question is whether or not people are contacting the RCMP when the infractions are occurring, or if they are waiting and contacting council during the next day. The town cannot do much after the fact, especially if they don't know who the offenders were.

    Ray, you do a good job of communicating with your community. I live in Irricana, and I believe that we have a lot we can learn from each other and ways we can work together to improve both of our communities. I hope you don't mind your neighbours commenting on your blog.

    1. If Beiseker's bylaw was brought in-line with what's in force in other municipalities (ie, absolutely no off-road vehicles within Village limits), then enforcement would be pretty straightforward. Because either you're using an off-road vehicle (ATV, or snowmobile) in Village limits, or you aren't.