Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Passes For Another Year

As the Twelfth Night, signalling the end of the Christmas Season fast approaches, I look back on some of the many acts of kindness which really define our village. Here are just a few;
  • The Snow Angels who voluntarily shovel snow from the walks of seniors and shut-ins.
  • The Beiseker Fire Department who volunteer to do their annual Candy Cane Run each Christmas Eve.
  • The Emergency Response Team and the Beiseker Fire Department, who have had to open up our Community Centre to stranded motorists at least twice in the past month!
  • The volunteer drivers who drive our seniors to medical appointments in Airdrie or Calgary.
  • The anonymous good Samaritans who have helped several motorists who were stuck in the snow storm, a couple of weeks ago.
  • The Beiseker Volunteer Medical First Response Team who have saved so many already in their short existence!
  • Those who volunteer to help seniors fill in their income tax forms each year.
  • The volunteer coaches and managers who give up so much of their time to supporting our young people in team sports.
  • Those who support our Food Bank here in Beiseker.
  • Those who volunteer to help in village clean-up and recycling projects.
  • Those who volunteer to make community events such as our Country Fair a huge success.
  • Those who volunteer to mow the acres of grass out at the airport.
These are but a few generous acts of kindness found in our village.  Merry Christmas!

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