Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy birthday, Sir John A. Macdonald!

Happy Sir John A. Macdonald Day!  Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's very first Prime Minister, was born 199 years ago today!  Our first Prime Minister was from the original Conservative Party, and was known to politicians of the time as an honest man but a man who would do almost anything to unite Canada as one nation!

He was also known as a heavy drinker and a straight talker.  Ask Sir John what his thoughts were on any topic and he would tell you straight out.

His first run at the PMO was between 1867 and 1873.  His greatest legacy is the creation of the trans-continental railway, the Canadian Pacific.  Without Sir John's pushing, cajoling, and backroom dealing, I think its's doubtful we would have a Canadian transcontinental railway at all, and I think B.C. would now be an American state!

And thank you all so much for your birthday wishes, yesterday.  I did enjoy my day and all of my friends and family who became a part of it! Thanks so much!

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