Friday, March 21, 2014

Politics and the Weather!

I was saddened by Premier Alison Redford's resignation, the other evening

Our province is indeed the best in Canada when measured on many different scales.  We do not need all this drama of political wheeling, dealing and backbiting by the governing party!

Collectively, they're acting like a bunch of kids in a school playground, pushing and shoving each other in order to accomplish some sort of lofty goal!  If  this was a school, their principal would be organizing an anti-bullying program for them!

The Premier made some critical errors with her spending of tax dollars in travel expenses.  Other Alberta premiers have faced much worse!  But it is obvious that Redford did not think she had the support of her cabinet and caucus to correct the mistakes, and fight back against the pressures from the media and Opposition. 

She had little choice than to resign.  Her party basically threw her under the bus.

I believe that Premier Redford did give her heart and soul to this province over the past two and a half years, and for that I dearly thank her.

To the governing Alberta Progressive Conservatives;  Get back to running this province!  Throw the poll results into the trash, and start carrying out what you and your now-former Premier set out to do, when you were given a mandate in 2012!

And to the Wildrose Party; Throw the poll results into the trash and let's get back to your job - of being Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition!


We got another winter blast Thursday which halted our melt in its tracks.  It also froze a lot of that meltwater!  Highways and streets may not get better for a day or two so be careful out there! 

The melt has been going very well.  Water is leaving town in an orderly manner!  I see a couple of issues around town, which I've mentioned to the Village Office.  I hope you are doing the same. 

Public Works is also searching for a water leak this next couple of days.  I wish them success in their search and thank them for their dedication and hard work.

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  1. I think Redford's tenure as Premier was ill-fated from the beginning, in large part because of her route to the PC Party leadership and quick successes.

    She was an MLA, then Cabinet minister, then Premier within the space of just a few years. In the process, she appeared to upset the apple cart of a few long-time PCs - many who'd backed Gary Mar for the PC Party leadership - and fought what amounted to an insurgent campaign within the party.

    When she won the leadership, she owed that core of 'establishment' PC higher-ups exactly nothing; perhaps not coincidentally, a number of the long-term PC MLAs retired in the months after she was sworn in. She also brought in outside people - like Stephen Carter - who proved quite capable of helping her get things done, which maybe made many of those long-time PCs feel pretty irrelevant.

    That's probably not something you'd want to do in a party that's been in power for over 40 years.

    The Wildrose had a different, but complimentary, role to play in this episode. I'm concerned, though, that some of the political tactics employed to gin up the antagonism toward Redford could well come back to bite the Wildrose in turn. It's not easy to put that genie back in the bottle.