Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Spring Meltdown!

Well it looks like the big Spring meltdown has started in Beiseker.  In order to get through this, we must all work together. 

Below is a short list of some of what Beiseker Public Works has done so far to prepare for the run-off. They've done all they can and I commend them for that.  Well done, crew!
  • As much snow and ice as possible has been hauled to snow dumps to harmlessly melt away.
  • Most surface ditches have been opened up to prevent ice dams.
  • The sub-surface storm water lines have been steamed where possible.  To get the required slope on these pipes they have to start rather shallow in the ground.  This means they freeze up as the frost goes down.  They have to be thawed using hot water and steam.  We have a small steamer unit for this job. This thawing process will continue throughout the next few weeks.  If required a larger steamer unit will be brought in to speed up the process.
  • The large ditches on the south side of town have been opened up.  A contractor with a tracked hoe will be at the ready to reopen these channels if they become clogged.
Here's some things that Beiseker residents can do, to prepare for the runoff:
  • Get your down spouts thawed out and water moving in them, as soon as possible.  Make sure your down spouts are draining as far away from the building as possible.
  • Dig small channels away from your home toward the street or lane.
  • As patches of lawn appear, cover them with snow piled up from clearing your walkways.
  • If you do get run-off water in your basement, try to pump it back outside and not into the sanitary sewer line.  Excess run-off water in our sanitary sewer line puts undue stress on that system.
  • If melt water is pooling on walkways, get some sand on there as soon as you can.  Kitty litter works well, too - and sand is still available down at the Public Works compound.
  • Sand and sandbags will become available at the Public Works compound if we need them.  We'll let you know when and if that happens.
  • If an ice dam has built up in front of your home, try to get the water moving toward the catch basin.
  • If you spot a problem, contact the Village Office (403-947-3774) as soon as you can.  Remember, our Public Works team will be very busy this next few weeks, and it may take a while to respond to your concern.
I'm hoping for a gradual, slow melt so the water can make its way out of town easily.  I'm also praying that the big rains hold off until all the snow is melted and all the crops are in!

Happy Spring!

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