Sunday, May 4, 2014

Road Work is Expensive!

During and after the Town Hall meeting last Monday evening, the condition of Beiseker's streets has been mentioned several times.

We have a few critical streets here in the Village which need some serious work.  Here's the ones I can think of, in my personal order of priority -
  • The mud bog at the corner of Second Avenue and Seventh Street.
  • The Beacon Heights Road from Beaver Place to the Public Works Yard.
  • First Avenue from the Public Works Yard to the CN tracks.
  • Fouth Avenue from Friendship Park to Seventh Street.
  • Seventh Street from Fourth Avenue to First Avenue.
  • Sixth Street from Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue.
  • There are also some lane-ways which need work.
But, a huge amount of road work could mean increased property taxes.  I for one am opposed to such a property tax increase.

There are some provincial grants available.  The old grant for improving streets has a new name, but it's still offered.  There are also the Municipal Sustainability Grants available, although significantly reduced by the province.  We on council would like to continue our Main Street upgrade project with a big chunk of that money, but maybe we should be looking at that decision again.

There is also the option of naming a portion of a project a local improvement and assigning a frontage tax on those properties directly affected by street improvements.

What do you think? Let me know here; it's free.  I would like your input.


  1. I think you would be right in looking at taking from the Main Street beautification as a means to fix these roads. I am a firm believer in making things work right before worrying about making things pretty!

  2. Ray,
    I do not give much credence to anyone who is making comments and signs as anonymous, If people make comments they should sign their name. Anyone can sign anonymous. The anonymous comments on your blog could be from different people.
    They may or may not be Beiseker residents.

  3. Hard decision. As much has I like the main street beautification, I think the streets are more important at this time. Not liking the idea of putting the burden on folks for a frontage tax because although none of these are on my frontage, most do affect me.. Also, not keen on higher taxes either, so...perhaps if Main Street money is redirected to streets, some fundraising might be done to move forward on the beautification? Or possibly finding other grant money?

  4. Good point on the burden sharing Barbara. Some streets are used extensively by others than the local residents of the street - 5th street by those going to the arena/community centre and 7th street has become the defacto truck route through the village and route for speeders who don't like the stop signs on main.

  5. The Main Street beautification is a good idea and should definitely be done, but attracting passers-by to our town would be all for naught if they bust an axle trying to reach Main Street in the first place.