Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Time at the Beiseker Airport

Summer time is the busiest time for our Beiseker Airport!  The skydivers at Alberta Skydivers are flying high if it's not too windy.  On a good day you'll see dozens of the brightly coloured canopies floating down over the course of the day.

We expect to have three aerial applicator groups (spray planes) using the field this year.  We'll have two commercial spray outfits and one local farmer using Beiseker as their base for crop spraying in the area.  We have moved one operation away from in front of the clubhouse to try to solve the conjestion around there and the fueling area.  These users pay the village to use the airport each summer.

We also have a couple of flying schools who use the airport for students doing "touch-and-go" landings.  That means they actually land their airplanes, but take off again just after the wheels touch the runway.  It's good training for them.

All the leaseholders will try to get some flying in during these warmer months.  They will often fly early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the air is less bumpy.

Public Works and airport volunteers are constantly mowing to keep the grass down and a local farmer has purchased the haying rights at the field.

A couple of leaseholders have made plans to build new hangars this summer so they'll be construction going on out there, too!

All that activity makes for a busy airport all summer.  All planes using the airport are in radio cantact with each other and must follow a pattern when flying around the field.  This pattern is called a circuit.  It is important that they follow the rules and land and take-off in the same direction.  That direction is determined by the wind direction shown by the wind-sock.

Ir you're planning to come out to do some plane watching, we ask that you stay behind the fence.  And bring your bug spray!  The mosquitoes are fierce out there this year.

Reminder: Every third Saturday of the month is coffee time at the airport between 10:00 am and Noon.

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