Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quiet (but Happy) Canada Day in Beiseker

Canada Day turned out to be a fairly quiet affair here in the Friendly Village.

My apologies to you if I sent you to the wrong place to celebrate yesterday.  The venue was moved over from Legacy Park to Friendship Park, because there is more room and there are shade trees there.  I think everyone who was looking for the Canada Day celebrations did find us eventually.

The kids had fun doing the passport game.  Eight stations were set up and the kids had to visit all of them to get a prize.  Our Beiseker Fire Department came over to show off their fire truck and their first response vehicle.   The Alberta Health Services folks shut down our BBQ and our face painting, but everyone had a good time anyway.

The big celebration around here was held in Irricana.  I was unable to take part in the festivities there, but I was able to watch their fantastic fireworks display last night!  Good on ya, Irricana!

Answers to my trivia questions;  Canada started out with four provinces back in 1867.  They were Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.  Prince Edward Island was supposed to be there too, but they held out, wanting some special treatment because they were so small.  They did join a while later, after their concerns were addressed.   Newfoundland was the last province to join Canada in 1949, making an even ten provinces.

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