Monday, February 2, 2015

Confused Groundhogs and Cloudy Water

It's Monday morning, February 2nd!

In some places in North America the resident groundhogs forecasted an early spring, but in other places the knowledgeable little rodents declared six more weeks of winter.  If we had a groundhog here I think he would be calling for an early spring!  Yay!

I also just got word that a computer glitch at our Aqua7 Regional Water Services pump house in Kirkpatrick temporarily shut off the pumps, there.  They have been restarted, but water users may notice their water is a bit cloudy.  That's normal when we have a pump shut-down, then a restart.

The water is still safe and potable.  For more information, please call the Village office at 403-947-3774.

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