Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Squirt Makes the News!

Congratulations to Beiseker Public Works team members Holly and Shawn, for their stellar performance being interviewed by Global Calgary yesterday!  They were excellent spokespeople for our little village and its goofy mascot.

They introduced the good folks from Global Calgary to our very own Squirt the Skunk.  Squirt has continuously made the news since he arrived in Beiseker, more than twenty years ago.  There was plenty of controversy back then when a skunk was chosen as our mascot, but I think now all would agree that he has certainly brought much positive publicity to our village over the years.  Squirt is a popular addition to many social events in and around Beiseker.

You never hear about other towns' swan, goose, gopher, fish, badger, buffalo, sausage, or pretzel, but Squirt the Skunk from Beiseker is always front and center!  Thanks, Squirt!

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