Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ken Farwell Passes

I was greatly saddened by the news that Ken Farwell had passed away.  Ken grew up here in Beiseker.  My wife taught him at Beiseker Community School starting in Grade One.  The Farwells are neighbours so we'd see him often.  I taught him many times through his years at our school.

He helped re-start C.O.P.s (Citizens On Patrol) here in Beiseker but his latest Beiseker adventure was his joining Stage East!  He loved getting involved with that whacky group and making suggestions on the performance.  He worked on sound affects and music.  We had convinced him to act and he was ready to do it! 

Unfortunately, his health issues prevented his stage d├ębut and he had to bow out of Stage East.  We all missed him very much.

We missed his bright smile, and his positive outlook.   Ken will be missed by so many here and elsewhere.  My heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends.


  1. Ken always made me giggle...he is making everyone laugh in heaven now. Cheers Ken...I am blessed to have known you. Fairly sure Mary Knox was waiting for you with a joke or two when you got there. xoxoxoxoxox Di

  2. Ken and his family could make any community a better place to live. . .Beiseker is lucky to have them as neighbors. . .so sad to lose Ken.