Friday, June 19, 2015

To "Pho Chu Yeung"

I am answering "Pho Chu Yeung," who criticized the Village of Beiseker quite severely through the Village's Facebook page.

I was hurt by the accusations made by this (supposed) Beiseker resident, whom I have yet to meet.
  • "[Beiseker] has no full time fire department."  I think we've addressed this first concern in my blog post a few days ago.   One anonymous commenter and I have discussed that a little further on that blog post, too - please scroll down to get those comments.
  • "[Beiseker] has no ambulance service."  Beiseker is in the same situation here as every other Alberta municipality.  The ambulance services right across Alberta have been taken over by the province!  The service which we joined (The Kneehill Ambulance Service in Three Hills) was disbanded and is now part of the huge mega system run by Alberta Health ServicesWe have little or no say on how this new entity operates.  Please refer this concern to the provincial government.
  • "We haven't fixed a "hole" in the middle of town for a year."  Over the past few days I have driven every street and laneway in Beiseker, and I have yet to find the hole to which you refer.  Please give us an address of the nearest property so we may check out your concern.
  • "The Town should be audited."  Actually, the Village of Beiseker is audited every spring by an independent auditor.  Those findings are published in a report presented to council usually in April.  The provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs is also informed of the results of that audit.  More information about the annual audit is available to all rate payers at the Village Office.
I hope this clarifies a few of the issues brought forward by Mr. or Ms. "Yeung."   Remember, every council meeting is open to the public.  They are held every second and fourth Mondays of each month in Council Chambers.  The meetings begin at 7:15 p.m.  If you wish to address council at one of those meetings, you must register as a delegation a few business days before the meeting.


  1. is this even a real person? their facebook account looks fake. it doesnt have any "friends" and seems to just complain about everything.

    1. It does look suspect, I agree. Still, the person's criticisms attracted a few "likes" from other village residents who aren't so totally anonymous, so I guess it's fair that Ray take them seriously enough to respond.

    2. Hello Mayor

      This is Pho Chu Yeung
      I'm a real person who chooses not to use their real name on facebook and most of the ppl I know don't do that either
      Everything u post on facebook on you profile I can and anyone can find even if you block it and make it hidden
      There was a person who had their images used in a court case against them
      So I protect myself by using a phoney name
      I also post on a lot of topics like suicide so I'm not about to reveal who I am unless I know u well
      Anyone can understand this.
      I'm not the first. I won't be the last
      One day you will meet me and whether I tell u who I am in real life and facebook and the alias I use depends on how good I know u bc this is a small town and ppl gossip