Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beiseker Fire Department Receives new (to us) Water Truck!

Yesterday. I had the privilege of visiting the Rocky View Fire Department fire hall in Balzac, where Fire Chief Ursu and I were presented with the keys to our new tanker/tender truck.

Actually, it's not new.  Rocky View County was able to upgrade some of its older fire fighting equipment and this truck was declared surplus.  It still has years of service left in it, so the County offered it to our incredible volunteer fire department here in Beiseker.

Beiseker itself is serviced by a network of fire hydrants, but when our firefighters tend to a fire outside the village, they'll now be able to haul more than 10 000 litres of water with them.  This will be particularly good for highway responses and grass fires.

Thank you so much Rocky View County! Good on ya!


  1. and what is the cost to the village?

  2. From the County press release, which was linked above: "County Council has voted to donate a surplus water tender truck to the Village of Beiseker for use by their fire department, as part of ongoing co-operation and mutual aid between the Village and Rocky View County Fire Services."

    I'd assume that by 'donate' they would mean;
    transitive verb
    : to make a gift of; especially : to contribute to a public or charitable cause

  3. Thanks Rhys. For correcting anomynous. I do not believe Ray should allow anomynous comments. If you want to comment put your name to it.

    All citizens of Beiseker should hand out a big "Bouquet" to Rockyview County for their generous donation.

    1. I've been working on a change to how comments are made, that will involve maybe having a Facebook account, in order to get rid of anonymous commenting. (Most of the traffic on here comes from Facebook, anyway.)

      Unfortunately, I've been pretty busy over the last 3 months have been unable to finish it up. I'll hopefully get to it in the next while -- I'll have much more time once the election is over!

  4. This is at $0.00 cost to Beiseker, In fact this may actually make the town a little bit of money. Insurance companies must pay Fire Departments for their service if I am not mistaken... Now that the Department has this truck they should be able to respond to more fires in the county. That money would come back to the village (if im not mistaken).

    Am I correct in saying this Ray?

    1. You are correct. For highway calls, AHS reimburses the department at a standard rate and then goes after the vehicle owner's insurance company. For other calls, the Fire Department, at their discretion, may request monies from the property owner.which is eventually paid through their house insurance.