Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Misdirected Anger at Canadian Muslims

Across this country and across the world, a few misdirected people are attacking Muslim places of worship and indeed Muslims themselves, blaming them for the atrocities in Paris last Friday.  As I have mentioned before, only a very, very few people claiming to be Muslims are involved in these terrorist attacks.  Almost all Muslims are not a threat to anyone!

Someone scrawled "Muslims Go Home" on an apartment wall in Toronto.  I dare say the folks living in that apartment building WERE home!  Most were probably Canadian citizens.  There are even reports of attacks on Sikh and Hindu temples, the attackers mistaking them for Mosques.  One mosque in Peterborough was the target of arson.

You cannot say, "if one is, then all are."  I say don't punish Canadian Muslims for the atrocities of a few radicals.

During World Wars I and II, Japanese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Romanian, Austrian, Hungarian, and German Canadians were attacked without reason.  The Canadian Government even carried out some of these attacks against Canadians!  Ukrainian, German and Japanese Canadians found themselves persecuted and imprisoned at various times during those two conflicts. 

We now realise that these were loyal Canadians.  Canadians have spent the last sixty years apologizing to, and compensating victims of those events.  I thought we had learned the errors of the ways of our forefathers.  Apparently not!

Now, will we have to do that again?   If you do not study and understand history, you are doomed to repeat it!

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