Friday, January 1, 2016

The Great Water Myth

Over the past while, we've heard a lot about the world running out of fresh water.  That is a myth.  Water can be neither created nor "used up".  It can be polluted or evaporated, but it can't be destroyed!

Most municipalities use water once, then "flush and forget"!  In fact, almost all municipalities in Alberta put more water back into the rivers and streams than they take out!  Unfortunately it's usually not quite as clean as it was when they took it out!  Municipalities need to have ways to purify and recycle water, instead of flushing it and sending downstream for some other municipality to worry about!

Some areas of the world are experiencing devastating drought.  Places like California have relied on yearly snowpacks to replenish their reservoirs, when they could have developed a huge sea water desalination and purification system.  The Pacific Ocean is right there!  Now the seasonal precipitation are not coming and they're in huge strife!  Our society has spent most of its efforts on refining, purifying, and transporting petroleum products and ignored the water supplies.

I think water will become the new oil.  After all, there are alternatives coming along to replace oil, but there is no replacement for water!

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  1. Then you obviously have not been paying attention to the receding glaciers in Banff and the lack of annual rain and snowfall. If the water fr the glaciers that evaporated was still around surely it would have fallen. And trust me - one day ppl won't be bombing Iraq for oil someone will bomb North America or Russia for water. Hopefully not in my lifetime. Written by Nadia Cerato