Thursday, March 17, 2016

About Donald Trump (?!)

I know it's none of my business, but I have to comment on it! 

I speak of Donald Trump, one of the Americans running for election as President of that great nation.  In my opinion Mr. Trump is everything people should not be looking for in a President!  He appears to be brash and in many ways inflexible when it comes to dealing with his opponents. There have been violence at his rallies and he appears to be egging them on.  Some of the things he's said about minority groups are preposterous!

Why does he have so much support?

The Americans appear to be less than happy with their political and economic systems at this point in time. The economy is not well. They see a threat from others around the globe. Mr. Trump is telling them that the fault lies with the Hispanics and the Muslim extremists. They need to blame someone and Mr. Trump has picked primarily those two groups. He suggests building walls, closing mosques, and preventing immigration. I think that would be a backward step in dealing with the problems faced by the United States.

I hope that the Americans come to their senses over the next few months. In my opinion electing Mr. Trump to the presidency would be a serious blow to that great nation. But again, it's really none of my business!

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