Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blue Box Blues

Beiseker is one of the smallest communities in this province to offer a complete curbside pickup of most recyclables! 

We recycle cardboard, household metal, plastic, newsprint, and bond paper, all of which are picked up in the blue boxes every Wednesday morning! We offer drop-off recycling/disposal facilities for used oil, paint, batteries, tires, appliances, furniture, mattresses, and e-cycling material.  We do not recycle domestic glass.  Glass recycling will resume when a suitable glass recycling receiver can be found. 

Our program is one of the most comprehensive recycling projects to be offered in Alberta!  Unfortunately, it has come under scrutiny in these tough economic times as being too expensive to continue.  All of our volunteer recycling team has moved on, leaving all the work of recycling to our Public Works Staff.

Council agreed to continue the program until more information is acquired.  The first item on the "hit list" is the Blue Box pick up service.  Is this service being used to its maximum?  Would folks be willing to haul their blue boxes down to the Recycling Shed in the Public Works Yard, if picked up was discontinued?  Or would most recycling end up in Friday's garbage to be hauled to Drumheller and buried, if the Blue Box Pick Up was discontinued?

I, with former Beiseker Village Councilor Fred Bell, started our extensive recycling program many years ago and I am very proud of it.  What can we do to save it?

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