Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Passing the Buck(s)

I didn't get the memo! But members of our new provincial government did.  The memo read:
When faced by Alberta municipalities and school boards asking for financial assistance for projects or  programs, respond in the following manner:  " Under the existing law (or model, or guideline, etc.) municipalities (or school boards) are permitted (or can)  to fund enhanced resources (or facility, or program etc.) through their own budgeting process."
Statements like this, with the appropriate words filled in, are being given out to municipalities asking for new health facilities, better provincial roads, better policing, or any other project which could use some provincial funding.

The problem; municipalities don't have those extra funds!   We've got to start working together again to create these projects which, in the long run, will benefit many if not most Albertans!

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