Friday, May 6, 2016

Changes at the Beiseker Post Office

I am not presentable to anyone until I've had my morning coffee!  My wife ordered my coffee more than a week ago.  It was mailed to Beiseker last week. 

But I didn't get it!  After checking the mail over a few days, my wife went on an investigation.  She found the errant parcel notice in a bunch of recycling I'd brought home from the post office.  I always sorted my mail on that little shelf near the post office door.  Now the shelf is gone, I try to sort through my mail as best I can at the mailbox. 

Obviously not well!  I went down and retrieved my coffee; all is well. 

I sort of understand why the Canada Post doesn't want us recycling our flyers in there, but why take out that very convenient little shelf?   Canada Post is a federal responsibility.  I'm going to ask our MP, Martin Shields, if he can find out why Mr. Trudeau took away our little shelf!

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