Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mayland Heights Bank Move

I felt badly for a Calgary community which is losing its bank.  Scotiabank has decided to close its bank branch in the north-east community of Mayland Heights.  I read about their struggle in the paper yesterday. 

The bank is a focal point for the aging community.  They are going to really miss their bank.  They held a small demonstration the other day to protest the closing. 

It all reminded me when the Royal Bank of Canada closed its Beiseker location, even though it actually made money!  I was one who demonstrated in front of the bank, protesting the closing.  It didn't matter. The bank was closed anyway. 

Beiseker was very fortunate the Mountain View Credit Union was ready and willing to step into the old bank location shortly after the Royal Bank skulked out of town.  The credit union has served our community extremely well ever since.

Wouldn't it be nice if Mayland Heights found a similar saviour for their problem.

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