Thursday, June 9, 2016

Congratulations, the Salvation Army Band, and the 98th Country Fair!

Congrats:  Congratulations to 94 year old Doug Curtis, Chief Instructor Dave Clarke and Alberta Skydivers owner Ian Flanagan on making the front page of the June 9 edition of the Calgary Herald!  The 94 year old made his first skydive at the Beiseker Airport yesterday! It was so good to see a positive story written about our busy little airport!

NO; I do not think that the Salvation Army Band should have been zapped out of this year's Stampede Parade.  They've been in the parade for a hundred years.  What happened to tradition?  In an attempt to "raise the bar" and "freshen it up", I fear we will lose our sense of history, culture and tradition!

YES; Yes, I will proudly be a part of Beiseker's annual Country Fair this Saturday! It's shaping up to be a fantastic day! Here's a shout out to the Beiseker Lions' Club for spearheading this annual event once again!

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