Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summertime ATV Woes!

It seems every year at the beginning of summer and at the beginning of winter we must remind those residents who own ATVs, off road motorcycles, and snowmobiles what the bylaw says about their use within village bounds. 

We have a very generous bylaw here in Beiseker which is in jeopardy of being toughened up every year because of a very few who do not comply with it.

In short, the bylaw says;

  • These machines can be operated within the Village of Beiseker on trails and back lanes. 
  • Riders are to take the shortest distance from their home to the outskirts of the village
  • Speed is not to exceed 20 kmph.  
  • Noise is to be kept at a minimum.

Every year, the village office receives complaints which are brought to Village Council.  Some members of council are proposing we tighten up the bylaw to insist that all of these types of off-road vehicles be trailered into and out of the village and operation of them within the village would be prohibited.

I would hate to see such a restriction placed on these fun recreational vehicles.  Please support our bylaw, so I and other councilors can support their continued use within the village.

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