Friday, June 17, 2016

Renaming Parc de Vimy is Insulting!

Here's something I find very insulting to me and my country.  The City of Montreal wants to rename a park dedicated to Vimy Ridge.  They want to rename it after dedicated separatist Jacques Parizeau

The Battle of Vimy Ridge has been recognized as the defining moment in creating a true independent Canada!  The WWI battle was fought by Canadian soldiers, commanded by Canadian officers in a strategy designed by Canadians.  And it was successful where superior French and English forces had failed! 

Thousands of Canadians, both French and English, lost their lives in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  The French were so appreciative of Canada's sacrifice that they declared the site of the battle as Canadian soil.  It remains so today.

Jacques Parizeau was premier of Quebec and called a referendum to separate that province from Canada and thus destroying my country!  That would be the same country which had been united though the courageous actions of Canadian soldiers at Vimy Ridge!  Parizeau's referendum was defeated, but just barely!  The Quebec Premier resigned almost immediately and my country is still together!

Renaming Vimy Park after him looks like a big insult to me.  Maybe the City of Montreal didn't realise the importance of Vimy Ridge to their country.  I'm hoping it was just a misunderstanding.  Mr. Parizeau passed away last year and he should be remembered by his province, buy not in this way.

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