Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beiseker Says Goodbye to Leo Berreth

It's been a couple of rough weeks here in the village. 

We had to say farewell to another long standing citizen of Beiseker on Friday, as Leo Berreth had passed away.  Leo and his wife Eunice had moved away, first to Airdrie then to Olds, but I know their hearts and souls were still here in Beiseker. 

Leo was a veteran, a husband, a farmer, a father, and grandfather.  He worked at the KIBA Seed Cleaning Plant for many years.  They lived on our street over here in Beacon Heights before going west to be closer to medical services.

Leo returned to his beloved Beiseker last Friday.  He was 93 years old.  Rest in peace Leo.  Our sincere condolences to his many family and friends.

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