Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beiseker is Open for Business

Beiseker's Main Street is looking a little empty lately.  The loss of a couple of businesses have really impacted the heart of our village's commercial district.

We need help!  I read often of other small communities reinventing themselves after similar losses and economic slumps.  There's the Manitoba community of Swan River, which now houses a gourmet mustard factory!  How about the New Brunswick village of Gagetown that's now making jams and jellies based on local recipes!  How about the Alberta town of Vulcan, who have used the popularity of Star Trek to advance their town!  There are many other such examples.

Beiseker has much to offer!
We have plenty of property to be bought or rented for residential, commercial or industrial endeavors.
We have a very active Chamber of Commerce.
We have excellent access to roads going in every direction on the compass!
We are on the main CN rail line between Calgary and Edmonton.
We have an airport!
We have good water.
We are on a major tourist route from Calgary to the Canadian Badlands!
We have an excellent workforce here of all skill levels, and a K to 12 school for their families!
And, we have a fascinating history. 

All we need are folks to recognize that there are plenty of opportunities here.

If you hear of someone or know someone who is thinking of starting a business, mention our village as a possible venue for their enterprise.

Here are a few ideas to think about;
  • An aviator who wants to live close to his airplane
  • A sausage maker wanting to make some locally inspired sausages.
  • A baker wanting to open a small village bakery
  • An aviation mechanic wanting to own and operate his or her FBO (fixed base operation)
  • Someone wanting to open and operate a independent hardware store
  • Someone wanting to promote Beiseker's connection to Sam McGee and Robert Service
  • An entrepreneur wanting to make something of a local resource.
Just to mention a few!

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