Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bob Hoover Passes

It was with deep sorrow that I heard that one of my all-time heros has passed away.  R.A. (Bob) Hoover died this morning at the age of 94. 

Bob was probably the best pilot to have ever lived!  He flew in the Second World War. As a P.O.W. he escaped, stole a German fighter plane and flew it to freedom.  He was Chuck Yeager's wing man during many of that famous aviator's exploits including the breaking of the sound barrier. 

Bob flew air shows across the continent for many, many years.   He flew a brightly painted yellow P-51 Mustang though an unbelievable performance that awed everyone and inspired thousands to become pilots.  His other plane was a twin engine executive plane.  He would fly it down to the runway with its wheels retracted, shut both engines off and perform a series of stunning aerobatic maneuvers!

I first met Bob at the Medicine Hat Air Show.  When he wasn't talking airplanes and flying, he was looking for a place to go trout fishing!  Over the years he and I touched base often, usually at our annual air show convention..  He'd always have a new story to tell about something that happened in his storied career.  He knew all those who have made aviation what it is today; everyone from Orville Wright to Neil Armstrong!  He was probably the world's most active aviation ambassador.

The world is a little darker today without Bob Hoover.

Clear skies Bob! 

We'll miss you!

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