Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas in the Village a Huge Success!

I know I'm over a week late with this one, but I had to comment on a wonderful day on Saturday, December 3rd at Beiseker's annual Christmas in the Village!   I had to leave very early Sunday morning for my annual air show convention, and I'm not techno-savy enough to blog from another location!  Call that a new trick and I'm an old dog!

I and hundreds of others had a great day welcoming Christmas to Beiseker!  First up was a visit to our Christmas Market at the Community Centre!  (A shout out to Les and Susie Spurgeon and their helpers for organizing this event)  It was crowded and business appeared to be brisk!  The Beiseker Fire Department was there accepting donations to our Food Bank and our Christmas Hampers.

Next it was off to the hockey game of the decade as the old-timers squared off against a women's team.  It was a close,  hard fought game with the ladies eventually eking out a 4-2 victory over the strong men's team!   I'm not a hockey player but in my opinion I thought the men spent too much time getting down close to the ice surface to check its temperature.  That extra dedication may have cost them the game!

After a spectacular fireworks display, we had a short parade down Main Street!  I walked the parade route this year and handed out candies and Christmas wishes to as many as I could.  I was pleased at the turnout.  The weather was good, and the Christmas spirit was alive and well in the Village!

Here's another shout out to Michelle Boyer, Gail Peckham and all their many helpers for making our Christmas in Beiseker just that much more special.  Merry Christmas!

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