Friday, December 2, 2016

Distracted Driving Enforcement Stories

Let's get one thing straight;  driving while texting or talking on a hand-held cell phone is dangerous and deadly!  I fully support laws which penalize this behavior! 

However, there are a number of stories out there which I hope are just urban myths.  If not, we have a big problem!

Story #1;  A young lady is waiting at a red light when she notices a rather grubby individual approaching down the line of stopped vehicles.  The man is going from car to car holding up a sign and knocking on car windows.  Fearing for her safety, she picked up her cellphone and quickly dialed 911.  As she was talking to the 911 operator, the man bangs on her drivers side window and pushes his sign against the glass.  It reads; I am a police officer. you have just been apprehended using your cell phone while in control of a motor vehicle.  Proceed through the intersection and stop next to the patrol car where another officer will give you a summons.  Fine $200.00 plus three demerits.

Story #2; A businessman is waiting (admittedly impatiently) at a stop light.  His meeting is upcoming and he has to be there.  He glances at his watch and notices it has stopped for some reason.  He looks at the car's clock, but it's set a few minutes fast.  He picks up his cell phone and checks the time there.  He is still stopped.   He hears a sound and looks in his rear view mirror to see a police car with its lights flashing.  He is fined for using his cell phone while driving.  Fine = $272.00 plus three demerits.

Story #3;  A young man is waiting in the drive through lane at Tim's.  While stopped in the line, he texts his buddy to see if he wants him to pick up a Double-Double for him.  After he gets his coffees a police officer steps out in front of his car and instructs him to pull into the parking lot where he is given a summons for driving while distracted.  Fine; $300.00 plus three demerits.

I know you've all heard these stories or variations of them.  Is there any truth to them?  I certainly hope not!

I believe that this kind of alleged behavior by law enforcement officers trivializes the danger in driving while distracted.  It reduces the distracted driving laws to a silly game!  If these kinds of things are happening, governments need to readdress the laws to account for these overly zealous officers!

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