Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beiseker Fire Department Missed?

I was somewhat confused when I read about the area fire departments last week in the local weekly paper. 

It was Fire Prevention Week, and what better time to honour the men and women who volunteer their time and risk their lives in our local fire departments. 

I anxiously scanned through the photos of all the fire departments around Rocky View and beyond looking for our Beiseker #130 Station.  It wasn't there! 

What happened?  I need to know!  Do we need an up-to-date photo of our brave firefighters?  Did the weekly newspaper not realise we have a very active, competent and dedicated bunch of firefighters here in the village?  I really do need to know!

If one of you out there knows of that up-to-date photo of our volunteer firefighters proudly standing in front of our new firetruck (which those same volunteers played a major role in obtaining) please contact me.  If we don't have that photo yet, I would be honored to do it myself.

Call me!

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