Monday, April 14, 2014

Aggie Days 2014

I have returned.  For this past week or more, I have been a part of the Calgary Stampede's Aggie Days!

I have served on the Stampede Agriculture Education Committee, which organizes Aggie Days, for almost twenty years - and I look forward to the event every spring!  Our purpose at Aggie Days is to show urban elementary students where their food comes from, and how important Alberta's agriculture is to us all.

This year we ran from Wednesday, April 9th until yesterday, April 13th.  During the week, we run our Educational Component.  This year, we welcomed over 11,000 elementary students, about 500 teachers and a couple of thousand parents, helpers and supervisors.

This past weekend was Family Fun Days.  More than 30,000 visitors came to see our Aggie Days "Barn", set up in the BMO (Round-Up) centre at Stampede Park.

During Aggie Days we milk cows, shear sheep, mill wheat, raise chicks, herd ducks, milk goats, thresh grain, make canola oil, raise beef cattle, look after horses, make ropes, visit with llamas, learn about bee-keeping, see alpacas,  watch stock dogs working, learn about raising pigs, hear and read agriculture related stories, learn a bit about our native heritage, learn about rodeo and chuckwagon racing, and a host of other things!

For each day of the event, I spend about ten hours a day at Aggie Days then I come home and prepare next day's newsletter: The Ag Rag, so it leaves me little time for anything else!  I'm tired but happy we had a very successful Aggie Days 2014.  In a couple of weeks we'll start planning for Aggie Days 2015!

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