Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Flooding Issues

photo courtesy of the Rocky View Weekly
At our council meeting Monday night, we had the first of what I hope will be many residents coming to council as a delegation to discuss the water drainage problems in the village.

This resident's problem stemmed from the fact that all of the run-off water from County land north of Beiseker flows into the village!  We have had to deal with this problem for a few years now, but this year it was worse than before.

I think we made a good plan to keep this water off this resident's property, but we need an overall solution to the problem. 

I'm hoping that our council and the Rocky View County council will be able to get together and get a plan to help solve this problem permanently.

I said at the beginning of this post this was the first of what I hope will be many delegations to council about this issue.  If you had (or are having) issues with run-off water on your property, please call the Village Office (403-947-3774) and attend the next council meeting as a delegation.  We need your input and suggestions.

Most of this year's run-off water left town in an orderly fashion but some didn't!  We need to address all those incidents!

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