Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bermuda Shorts Day Tragedy

photo by Global News Calgary
As a graduate of the University of Calgary, I remember Bermuda Shorts Day.  It is officially the last day of scheduled classes.  Students dress in shorts and  tropical attire (even if the weather is brutal) and have a little fun, letting off some steam before hitting the books to prepare for final exams.  It is a time of excitement and anticipation.

I fear those fond memories of Bermuda Shorts Day have been altered forever with the tragic stabbings in the Brentwood neighbourhood this past Tuesday.  I am having trouble understanding why a young student would attack five of his colleagues, for no reason clear at this time.  Five lives have ended so tragically and a sixth life has been changed so completely!  Why?  We may never know completely. 

My thoughts and prayers go to those six families who are dealing with this surreal and tragic incident the best they can.  May you take some measure of comfort from the many who have expressed their grief and sadness over the past days.

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