Monday, June 30, 2014

Canada Day in Beiseker

Tomorrow is Canada Day!  On that day (July 1) in 1867, Canada officially became a country.  To be truthful, it wasn't much of a country.  It only had four provinces and most of its affairs were still controlled by the British back in London, but it was a start.

And look how far we've come!  We've grown from sea to sea to sea with ten provinces and three territories.  We make all of our own decisions domestically and internationally, we have our own national anthem, and our own flag.  We're a strong and peaceful country, to the envy of the two other nations which share North America with us.  Canada is respected around the world.  We have much to celebrate!

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate.  I hope those folks who place those little Canadian Flags at our pathways are going to do that again.  I haven't heard. 

We'll have a big celebration in Legacy Park, which is just north of the Village OfficeAlberta Health Services has told us that we can't BBQ burgers there any more, but we'll be giving out pre-packaged goodies and treats.   It goes from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Be there to show your nationalistic spirit!  See you there!

Here's a couple of trivia questions for you;  What were the four provinces in Canada back in 1867?  What province joined Canada last to make it an even ten?


  1. Celebrations are at Friendship Park..

  2. In 1867 the four Canadian Provinces were Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The last province to join was Newfoundland in 1949.

    Happy Canada Day