Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sloppy, Wet 2016 Stampede Over

My medical issues prevented me from volunteering at this year's edition of the Calgary Stampede.

I usually help out in the Agrium Ag-tivity in the City area for at least four or five of the ten days.  I was sorry I wasn't able to help out this year.  It was definitely a challenge running the show this year under monsoon-like conditions.

Folks were calling the "Greatest Outdoor Show Under Water and Mud"!  I watched the rodeo on TV.  A shout out goes to the CBC for their excellent ten day rodeo coverage.  I was little disappointed that no Canadian cowboys took home the biggest prize money, but a number of them did do well with day money and pool prizes.  A shout-out goes to Kirk Sutherland who won the $100,000 Chuckwagon race!

One thing I was most pleased and proud of is the fact that no animals were seriously hurt during this Stampede.  Having worked down at Stampede Park for many years, I know that animal welfare and safety ranks very high in the Stampede's creed.  All animals participating in the show are checked by a small army of vets every day.  Living conditions and care are inspected regularly.  The Stampede must be very proud of their record in animal safety and welfare.

I'm sure other shows will sit up and take notice.  The Calgary Stampede once again leads the way!  

Let's pray for a much drier 2017 Calgary Stampede!

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