Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bullying in Our Village

I'm sure most of you are now aware of that hateful web page that was written anonymously about our little village, and then shared on Facebook.   I regard that page as straightforward bullying!   I felt very badly for those folks singled out for that undeserved wrath on that page!

I will not respond to any of those comments and allegations because they do not deserve a response.  But I was most offended by the venom directed  at our Village office staff and Public Works who work very hard to make our village the best it can be.  I have seen these folks work many hours of unpaid overtime, work all night, or get up from a Sunday family dinner to address a concern within the village.

Their work to improve this little village is very dependent on finances and resources available.  I admire their enthusiasm and dedication!  These are not the people to be bullied for the work that they do -- not that any person should be bullied!

This is all I'm going to say on this - so I've asked my son to close comments on this post.

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