Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Crater on Main Street

Photo courtesy of the Rocky View Weekly
A number of Beisekerites have voiced to me their concern over a business on Main Street, because of a large pit not far from the sidewalk.  It was brought up at our most recent Town Hall meeting in April.  We've even had visitors ask why this eyesore continues to exist.

I understand that the pit was created when underground fuel tanks were removed from the site.  I was told that environmental authorities insisted that the pit be left open for a length of time, to assure that no hydrocarbons would seep into the hole. 

I believe that the stipulated time stated has now elapsed.  The time to fill in the hole and return the area to its past configuration has come.  The temporary fence around the pit isn't really secure and permits people, especially youngsters, to enter the site.  This isn't safe.  In my opinion, the pit should be filled in and the area tidied up a bit.

The Village's Bylaw Enforcement and the Village Office are now working with Alberta Environment and other departments to resolve this situation.  We're hoping that we will have compliance in this situation as soon as possible.

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