Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Here we are on the second day of 2017!  How's it going for you so far? 

As of yesterday morning we've all started paying the NDP carbon levy.  According to my unscientific calculations, it could cost us living in rural Alberta over $100 a month extra!  I'm looking forward to applying for the rebate.  I expect that most rural Albertans will be eligible for a full rebate, after all we do not have the luxury of public transit and services "around the corner"!  We have to use our vehicles to get around!

Next year at this time it will be interesting to hear our Premier's  report as to the success of the new sales tax on fuel in the province.  I wonder if she'll mention the following;
  • Most of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere comes from volcanoes which are exempt from the NDP tax.
  • Alberta is responsible for less than 2% of the man-made carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
  • There is no suitable replacement available for fossil fuels, and likely won't be for many years to come.
  • The simplest and easiest carbon dioxide recovery system are plants, especially trees!
  • More and more states in the world are giving up on carbon taxes in favor of other more sensible ways of curbing carbon dioxide emissions or recovering carbon dioxide..
This year will  be an interesting year in Alberta.  Happy New Year!

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