Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Volcanoes and the Carbon Levy

Boy, did I ever kick up some dust with that comment about carbon dioxide and volcanoes in my last blog!  

I stand by what I said!  There are scientists who agree with me and probably an equal or greater number of scientists who say I'm full of it!  And they don't mean CO2!  The argument is something akin to arguing who left the barn door open after the horse escaped.  

In my opinion, the truth of it is that the carbon levy will do nothing for the environment.  It will however, make friends for our Premier in some circles, so she can push for the pipelines!  Maybe that's a good thing!  And even if the new tax did work, the affect on overall carbon dioxide levels in the earth's atmosphere would be negligible at best!

Ah well, I guess the Premier can say that she tried!

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