Monday, January 16, 2017

Jane Fonda's Visit to Alberta

Last week, actress Jane Fonda came to Alberta to tell us how to manage our petroleum resources!  She said flying over the oil sands extraction areas made her physically ill.  She told us to stop this terrible industry, right now!

I wonder how much actual research she did on the problems of oil extraction in the Athabasca Oil Sands.  Did she base her comments on strong scientific evidence?  What qualifications does she have to tell us what to do?  I personally don't think she has any right to come here from California (which isn't known for it's pollution free environment) in a private jet fueled by petroleum products to tell us we're all going to heck for what we're doing to the environment! 

I have doubts that she understands the situation!

Wasn't it Jane Fonda who went to North Viet Nam during the war, sat in an anti-aircraft gun and pretended to shoot and kill American airmen?  My case rests!

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