Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Water Meters, Update!

I got my first look at the new water meter systems yesterday!  The meters themselves are no bigger than the old ones being replaced, but the new ones have a plastic "sender/antenae" attached to them.  This sender thing is about as big as a pop can and it is the heart and soul of the new machine.  The unit measures the amount of water going into the home or business then transmits that data to a special receiver carried in a public works vehicle (likely the garbage truck since it travels around the whole village every week).

That information can be then downloaded into the Village's computer system and the water bills are printed from there.  It's an amazing system!

Meanwhile the Public Works Department is carrying on with their "super sleuth" project to track down all of our water leaks.  More have been found and repaired! 

For the first time I'm feeling confident we are getting our water woes under control here in the village!


  1. No uproar about the transmitters in the Hydro smart meters like wre going through here in BC?

    1. Are you referring to this?

      BC Hydro smart meter installs violating privacy: report

      Those meters are for electricity, not water, right?