Thursday, February 23, 2012

Article in the Drumheller Mail

An article featuring my quotes (and quotes from this blog) was published in the Drumheller Mail, yesterday!  Here's an excerpt below -

Backlash heard from Town's water decision
Published on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 00:00
By Pat Kolafa, Drumheller Mail

 A civic leader in Beiseker has strong opinions about Drumheller not allowing geographical restrictions to be lifted for Rocky View County.

     Last week Drumheller Town Council voted to not amend its existing water agreement with Aqua 7. The deputy mayor of Beiseker, Ray Courtman, is an avid blogger and lashed out against Drumheller Council in its decision.

     In his posting entitled “Drumheller Throws Up Road Blocks,” he says, “This is very frustrating. Drumheller isn’t even a member of Aqua 7, yet they’re calling the shots! All they do is sell us water. What we do with that water should be our (Aqua 7’s) business! That’s sort of like me buying a new car and the dealer telling me where and when I can drive it!”

    He goes on to say that Drumheller is getting a “heck of a deal” by selling water, alleging that Drumheller is selling water at the same rate to Aqua 7 as it charges Drumheller residents.

According to the Town of Drumheller, it is selling water to Aqua 7 at a rate of $.98 per cubic metre. This is bulk cost for water alone. It does not include capital contributions for upkeep of the system, as Aqua 7 owns and maintains the distribution system.

The rest of this article is available at the Drumheller Mail's site -

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