Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Water Rates

Some of you were surprised at the cost of water here in Beiseker, that was mentioned in the Mountain View Gazette article published yesterday.  Others asked me how our rates compared to other communities in Alberta.

Here's the scoop;
There are many others and there are even cheaper rates.  I'll post them when I find them.


  1. Hi Ray,
    I think your comments are excellent.
    I suggest you forward the blog and the article in the Gazette to the Ministers of Municipal Affairs, Transportation,and Environment.
    An elction is coming and we should inform everyone we can.
    Keep up the Blog. Al Henuset

    1. Thanx Al! I agree with sending the info to Edmonton but I'm afraid they feel they've heard enough from me! I'm always the one bitching about the way we've been treated! I'd like to see every Aqua 7 water user send that info to their MLA, the Premier, and the Environment Minister! We all should be really annoyed for being almost totally ignored by this government for 10 years or more!