Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where's the Money Goin'?

The Village of Beiseker receives many different grants from the federal and provincial governments each year.  Some are "once in a lifetime grants" while others are presented to municipalities on a schedule (available every year, or every two or three years).

 The main ones are:
These and others could bring as much as $500 000.00 or more into Beiseker in a single year.

So; where does all this money go?  Many of the grants received have "strings attached."  That means that the grant comes with exact instructions as to what the money can be spent on; the funds must be directed to a specific project!

Here is a list of the major projects the Village of Beiseker has supported with these funds in recent years.  Some of these grants also require the municipality arrange to "match" the funds through local sources (municipal tax dollars, donations, etc.)
  1. Main Street Improvement Program
  2. Sewer lift station upgrades 
  3. Purchase and installation of new water meters
  4. Chinook Crescent upgrades
  5. recent paving projects
  6. Moving our library to the new Community Links building
  7. Support of various recreational programs and facilities
  8. Summer student employment
  9. Beiseker Airport runway and taxiway upgrades (this was a one-time specific grant by Alberta Transportation)
To find out the specific amounts and their application, visit the Village of Beiseker website after the Auditors' Report has been submitted:  The auditors are doing their routine annual inspection of Beiseker's books right now.  Their report will be presented in a few weeks.

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