Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My View on the Mountain View Gazette article

The article in an earlier post came from this week's edition of the Mountain View Gazette.  I was interviewed for it by Ms Isaac last week.  I think it's a fantastic article!  It gets the word out just how much silliness we've had to put up with from the provincial government over these past ten years or more.  We in Beiseker have had enough!

One thing not made totally clear in the article is that the Aqua 7 Regional Water Services Commission is made up of seven municipalities: Rocky View County, Kneehill County, Linden, Carbon, Acme, Irricana and Beiseker.  We are all facing this issue of high water costs and extra commission charges as we are all members of the commission.  Administration fees and debt servicing charges are paid for out of general renevue in each municipality.  Rocky View County has actually paid all those extra fees even though it hasn't sold one drop of water yet!

The leaking pipes and the poorly operating meters are purely Beiseker problems and I believe we are well on the way to solving them!   Coast-to-Coast Mechanical has installed more than 40 of the almost 300 meters already and Public Works Foreman Bill has detected and repaired many leaks!

Please, take time to read the article.  Thank you to the Gazette and Jennifer Isaac for bringing this story to the attention of even more Albertans.

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