Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Brings out the ATVs!

Along with garage sales and yards sales, the arrival of spring in Beiseker is also heralded by the dirt bikes and ATVs!

Those enthusiasts have brought their machines out of winter hibernation, and tuned them up for another summer of riding.  Over the cold months of winter, though, some of those same folks seem to have forgotten Beiseker's generous bylaws regarding the operation of their machines within village limits.  The bylaw dealing with ATVs and dirt bikes is very much the same as those governing the operation of snowmobiles in the winter months.

These machines must be driven through town along back lanes, ditches and streets only where nessesary, taking the shortest possible route out of town.  Their speed must be less than 20 km/h.

Of course, if the machine is insured and licenced for road travel, its operation is then covered by the provincial Traffic Act.

Communities experiencing difficulty with ATVs and dirt bikes often tighten their bylaws to restrict their use within the municipality.  That would mean having to have these vehicles trailered in and out of town, and not permitted on any public road, laneway or ditch in the village at all!

I and the rest of council do not want to do that, but we may have to if the situation continues to worsen.  Please remind any ATV or dirt bike operators you know of the current bylaws.

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