Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Big Three

photo by Naheed Nenshi, via Twitter
I'm borrowing this idea from Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi (with his blessing). 

Some time ago, he made a challenge to all citizens in Calgary to do three things for their community, each year.  They could be small things, like picking up trash in a public area, or they could be larger contributions -- like joining a committee, or volunteer board in the community. Whatever they chose to do didn't really matter, as long as they did three.

I am challenging all of the folks in Beiseker to do the same: to do three things for their community during this year. 

It's April, and I know many of you have already done three things, and then many more.  For the others, my challenge stands! 

I think it's great now, but let's make Beiseker an even better place to live and work!


  1. Great idea, good luck with it. I will have to work on some ideas. For # one, I'm helping sell some Fire Dept raffle tickets.

  2. Ms. Morden,

    Thank you very much for helping sell raffle tickets. The Fire Department's firefighters and first responders really appreciate your help!