Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wanted: New Pumper Truck

A couple of posts back, I mentioned that negotiations between our village and Rocky View County over the amalgamation of our two fire departments had ceased.

Village Council determined that it would not be in Beiseker's best interest to continue those discussions at this time.  I am confident that an agreement will be reached in the future, and there will again be a Regional Fire Department created in this area.

But, right now, Beiseker must upgrade its equipment to meet provincial standards.  Our fire fighters have completed all the provincial courses to be certified as well-trained firefighters.  Now, we need a new fire truck for them to operate.

Our current pumper truck was purchased about ten years ago, to replace an even older truck purchased when Beiseker split off from the North East Rocky View Fire Association.

A new truck would accomplish a number of things;
  • A large enclosed cab would  permit more than just two  firefighters to ride in the truck.  Regulations now prohibit firefighters from riding in or on open areas on vehicles.
  •  A certified unit would be able to attend emergencies outside the village
  • Our current truck operates well, but a crack in the pumping mechanism makes it unable to be certified.  The cost of repairing it would be prohibitive.
  • With a new pumper truck, we will be able to approach Rocky View County to hammer out a mutual aid agreement.  This will enable us to respond to emergencies outside the village, especially to the North East of Beiseker.
  • I think a new truck would encourage more folks to join our volunteer fire department. 
  •  Our pumper truck was built in the late 1970s and desperately needs to be replaced 
Over the next couple of weeks, the village and the fire department will be canvassing everyone to contribute to the purchase of a newer used fire truck!  We will be approaching everyone, including our corporate citizens, our service clubs, other groups and individuals.

The Royal Canadian Legion's Acme Branch has already stepped up, and made a donation. 

Watch for more news on our plans to raise money for this very crucial project.


  1. Is there an estimated dollar amount attached to this?

    There are ways to perhaps fund-raise at least part of the cost, online. That way, a wider 'net' could be cast for donations -- and even philanthropic folks and organizations from outside Beiseker could put money towards it.

  2. Good question! We have been doing some research on the cost of new and used firefighting equipment. New trucks are right out of the question! Used trucks in good condition appear the way to go. Still we're looking at $100,000.00 as our goal amount. I believe an account has already been opened at the Credit Union in Beiseker. Donations are being accepted. A raffle is in the works, too.
    Rhys; I don't know anything about fund-raising online. I have too much gray hair to know about such things. You'll have to help us with that!
    I know we can do this! We can get a better truck for our dedicated and hard working volunteer firefighters!

  3. I've seen big time success in several communities in the county to your north with silent auctions.... like $20,000 - $40,000 kind of success. Of course that's with a dinner and a bar and a whole other bagful of raising money gimmicks - but it might be something to look at??? $100,000 is totally doable - I'm positive you can have that put together before you know it!!