Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Village Financial Audit

I noted an article in the most recent Rocky View Weekly reporting on our village's financial audit for 2012.  I want to commend Beiseker's village council and the village's staff for managing our village so well this last year. 

The village of  Beiseker has a cash flow problem caused by two things;
  •  We still have a huge amount of back taxes owing!   Unpaid taxes have a huge impact on a small village like ours!  The tens of thousands of dollars owing could improve many things in the village, if it were available to us. It is very frustrating to have unpaved streets, broken sidewalks, and other issues within the village - and not having the funds available to address them!
  •  The second problem actually comes from the provincial government.  As I've mentioned before, we collect the education portion of the property tax on their behalf.   They in turn withdraw this money from our bank account.  And therein lies the problem.   The province  withdraws the total amount, regardless of how much is still owing to the village by rate payers or has not been collected, yet.  We have no imput - They just take it!
Overall I was very pleased with the results of our 2012 audit.  If we can stay on this road of fiscal responsibility, our village will continue to do well - in spite of two problems I've mentioned.

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