Saturday, June 7, 2014

Calgary's New Hockey Arena Debate on Again

I read in the paper this morning that the Calgary Flames organization have cranked up the heat on the "New Hockey Palace For Calgary" debate, again

The way I read it, the NHL owners are almost demanding that Calgary, the Flames, and the province fork out a huge amount of money (probably around $750 million dollars)  to build this thing like the one in Edmonton, which is under construction as we speak.  I think that's ridiculous!  

The Scotiabank Saddledome is older than almost all the other NHL buildings, so I guess they want it demolished and a new arena built somewhere else. 

But the 'Dome just had a major multi-million dollar facelift, thanks to last year's flood damage!  It's seating capacity is about equal to all other NHL arenas!   True there is only 6 000 seats in the lower bowl and other arenas have 9 000 or more seats there.  But who will benefit the most from having those extra 3000+ seats in the lower bowl?

I don't think the Saddledome is an embarassment to Calgary!  If the Flames think it is, then they should gather a few of the NHL Billionaires and Millionaires together and pass the hat!  Those folks have the bucks; Alberta's taxpayers do not

If the City of Calgary wants to contribute to building a new "NHL Palace" in their city, that's their business!  I pay taxes in Alberta, and I'm saying the province should put its chequebook away on this one!  Just because they threw a bunch of money at Edmonton's new arena, doesn't mean they should do the same in Calgary!

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