Monday, June 23, 2014

Please, Plant A Tree!

If you really want to do something about the rising carbon dioxide level and pollution in our atmosphere, plant a tree.  One tree will filter out 40 tonnes of pollutants and thousands of cubic meters of carbon dioxide from the air, in its lifetime!

It will also release thousands of cubic meters of pure, life giving oxygen back into the air during that time!

Trees also provide home for birds and shade on those sunny days.  Evergreens provide a winter windbreak while deciduous trees allow the winter sun to shine through. Trees hold back a tremendous amount of water, which helps prevent flooding. Trees can be harvested for wood.  Fruit trees provide apples, crab apples, pears, and a few other hardy varieties of fruit.  Maple trees (even the Manitoba Maples around here) can provide sap to make maple syrup! 

Some of Beiseker's trees are old and reaching the end of their lifespans, especially the poplars.  As they are removed from your property, buy and plant a replacement. Your descendants will thank you!

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